About RightComply Solutions

RightComply is a compliance software for Contingent
IT contractor workforce

RightComply evolved for finding solutions to the deep problems faced by the IT Consulting industry. As IT industry professionals, we thoroughly understand the importance of the compliance solutions required for the contingent workforce, with a decade of experience.

Given the uncertainties of the work authorization requirements and the ever-changing visa environments, we developed our solutions to ensure IT contractor compliance for your workforce remains part of your solution, and hiring remains robust and timely. Reach out to us now to find out how RightComply can work for you.

RightComply has the tools you need to stay compliant while enabling you to improve efficiency and increase productivity of your contingent workforce.

About Falo

FALO is a Meerkat, represents the RightComply application role. Meerkats are sentries, stand guard for the entire clan and alerts them about upcoming danger. They specialize in providing custom alerts for the dangers from the air, on the ground and under the ground which makes them remarkable animals.

Falo also wishes to be secure, transparent and speaks truth to the owner’s conscience. All we can say is, FALO is indeed a jolly good fellow that you would want on your (Compliance) side at all times.

Why RightComply?

RightComply exists because

1) We believe that every Technology consultant is in the country to contribute to its growth and prosperity while chasing their personal American dream. That their efforts to be compliant and follow the legal path deserves all the help.

2) We believe every employer is working hard and striving to be ethical and transparent to their stakeholders, such as employees and business partners and that they are working to create a transparent consulting industry for everyone to be a winner.

3) We believe every business wants to hire competent IT consultants who work for compliant and ethical companies

4) We believe that there are attorneys who want to help their business