For Employer

RightComply offers end-to-end solution to help you manage compliance through every step of the immigration process, so that you never miss a deadline and always stay compliant. RightComply helps to build trust with your clients and employees and always be prepared for compliance audits.

Automatically track employee’s compliance

Capture documents in a Central Repository - Documents available at all times

Compliance appropriate Timesheets to your employees

Maintain continuous Employer Employee Relationship across contractual positions

Notify your attorney for critical work authorization renewals

Became a trusted partner

Show your customers that you care about their reputation and goals

With RightComply, you assure your client's proactive compliance and success from Pre-Hire, On-going projects, to final delivery and knowledge transfer completion.


Attract and Retain Talent

Using RightComply and paying close attention to the employee compliances goes to show your high achieving employees and contractors that you value each and every one of them.


Easy Audits

Employer-Employee Relationship

The RightComply framework enables you to keep track of your employee's project activities and tasks, approve their time and task reports and share compliance reports with the Client and even USCIS at the time of visa processing and stamping.


Prepare your employees for site visits

Site visits happen randomly, and it’s a hassle to be prepared for such an event by carrying all the necessary documents. Be equipped with digital records that are accessible at the click of a button.