Centralized Documentation for a Decentralized Workforce

As organizations attract global talents, access to the various compliance documents is required on demand by the resources to sustain the employer-employee relationship as well as end-client-vendor relationships. RightComply Contingent IT workforce Compliance software helps the enterprise and the employees access all their compliance documents securely.


Clarity and Visibility

From the time you onboard a contract IT worker till they leave the project, RightComply offers you transparent and consistent compliance information using smart centralized system with safe and secure documentation from your IT contract workforce. Such transparency is critical when contractors are on a work visa.


Risk Mitigation

Reboot with RightComply

Plan for your project success with RightComply: Ensure that any contingent resource onboard is available for the entire duration of the project ahead of time. Be assured that there are no potential compliance surprises, such as missing documents, which might force the resource to be away and cause significant delays and budget loss to your project, at the last minute.


Use budgets efficiently

RightComply continually informs you that every contingent resource you hire is going to stay the course of the project. It helps you to efficiently use your hiring and software development budgets and break the vicious cycle of continuously hiring and rehiring through the software development project cycle.