As an Employer

It is common for employers to wait until after an RFE is received to find out the compliance requirements. But often the most common RFE is USCIS asking employers to prove how they are going to manage a remote employee with multiple layers in between the employee and the end client. A transparent platform like helps you establish beyond doubt even as you are afforded granular control of the shared information throughout the contract employment.

As an Attorney

The common platform is conveniently designed to keep a track of all the documents between the attorneys, business clients and their employees on a work visa. This helps attorneys deal with RFE responses, H1B filings, Renewals, Transfers and LCA Amendments rapidly. Besides, they can also share the updated documentation through RightComply. Staying in the system will help the Attorney, Employer and the employee to stay in the know. With RightComply in place, neither the employer will have to scour through the emails to locate various documents nor the attorney will have to send multiple emails.


Automatically upload employee data.

Document sharing

Eliminate communication gaps, track changes easily, keep employee records portable and on a single platform.


Document Expiry: Stay on top of renewals with automatic notifications, notify attorneys automatically, stay informed regardless of where you are in the hiring chain.

Compliance reports

Assure customers and protect reputation, seize the competitive advantage, maintain a history of compliance.

Central repository

E-file all your records, Secure Employee data and make confidential information privately accessible from anywhere.

Data security

Smart centralized system with safe and secure documentation, Amazon Web Services (AWS) grade security.

Customer support

24*7 chat support team.

Live Status

Check compliance status at all times.


Verify employment eligibility, i9 document verification.